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A Year of Imagination & Wonder 2020

PLAYBOX THEATRE ANNOUNCE YEAR OF EXTENSIVE AND EXCITING THEATRE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AND THEIR AUDIENCES CLASSIC MUSICAL, 2 TOURS, NEW WRITING, ORIGINAL NEW MUSICAL FOR USA, GREEK DRAMA AND A FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS STORY FOR 2020 Playbox Theatre at The Dream Factory, Warwick today announce a full year of exciting theatre created by young artists for all audiences. Ranging from a classic musical to original new writing, this can be called THE YEAR OF THE YOUNG ARTIST. Take a look at our programme and explore the exciting creative opportunities for everyone. Spring/Summer In February, the year is launched with the annual STARRY NIGHTS celebration when over 150 young people give a taste of Playbox shows since 1999. Directors, alumni and present members come together to welcome the year ahead. Playbox Theatre’s reputation for musical theatre is amongst the very best and its time, in April 2020, to bring to the stage the ‘Deadwood City’ show CALAMITY JANE. With an Oscar nominated score described as ‘A barn-storming success!’ CALAMITY is directed by Juliet Vankay with Musical Director and arrangements by Sam Young. Opens 15th April 2020. Whilst The Dream Factory hosts Deadwood City in the theatre, Shakespeare Young Company take to the road with two adapted works by Shakespeare’s colleague and rival, Christopher Marlow, in a project exploring the repertoire of the Rose Playhouse, Bankside 1587. The very theatre where the work of Marlowe and Shakespeare was first performed. SYC will take THE MASSACRE AT PARIS and DOCTOR FAUSTUS on a short tour in May beginning at The Willow Globe, Pawys – a scaled down, living version of the Globe in London carefully woven into an organic and spiritual theatre, starkly sculptural in spring. 40 actors for SYC will divide into two production companies for this exceptional event (further dates to be announced). PLANS UNDERWAY TO RE-EXPLORE DAVID ALMOND’S GROUNDBREAKING NOVEL SKELLIG First staged b Playbox Theatre in 2008, Toby Quash will return to the mystical, chilling and ever absorbing SKELLIG in a production opening 14th May 2020. This beautiful and haunting story launched David Almond as one of the best writers for young people today. New Playbox Theatre Commission Playbox Theatre’s GREEK ODYSSEY THE BEAR & THE STARS (working title) An original play by Máirín O’Hagan Following Medea in Autumn 2019, Playbox Theatre continue to explore the extensive wonders of The Greeks in his epic new play written by alumna Máirín O’Hagan. A visual and aural spectacle for the Young Production Company, bringing the timeless stories of gods, goddesses and heroes to the stage in a large-scale event directed by Mary King. Opens on 18th June 2020. THE PARK ‘The delight of all persons of reputation and taste’ After a break of 8 years Playbox Theatre brings a Pleasure Garden to The Dream Factory. Pleasure Gardens, as the name implies, reflects the unique entertainment venues of the past where visitors in the summer months were entertained with music and theatre, to circus and screenings of films in THE PARK. During the day, workshops, picnics, stalls and leisure activities for all ages will be housed. Opening on 29th June 2020, THE PARK will be a fully immersive creation for everyone to enjoy, rain or shine. Autumn/Winter The postponed, long planned production of Jacqueline Wilson’s HETTY FEATHER is planned for September 2020. From best-selling author Jacqueline Wilson, the tale of Hetty Feather is brought thrillingly to life on stage by award winning script writer Emma Reeves described as ‘The perfect treat for the whole family’. Autumn nights will be very memorable as Playbox actors, dancers and circus artists bring all the thrills, spills and adventures of the heroine Hetty to The Dream Factory stage. Opens 24th September 2020. USA TOUR 2020 PLAYBOX THEATRE TAKE GREEK DRAMA AND ORIGINAL NEW MUSICAL TO SANTA MONICA PLAYHOUSE Artistic Director Emily Quash directs Sophocles' ELECTRA, set in the city of Argos immediately following the Trojan War. A tale of vengeance, as Electra and her brother Orestes take on their mother Clytemnestra for the murder of their father Agamemnon. ELECTRA is part of Playbox Greek Odyssey and will play two performances at The Dream Factory, 13th & 14th November 2020. Coupled with ELECTRA, Juliet McGill directs a new, original musical for Playbox, JUST BEING, written by Sam Young (score) and Calum Finlay (book). When a 16-year-old girl loses her memory following a terrible accident, her family and friends try to rebuild her with a performance of her life – but is this really her story or is the truth something much darker. The new musical will arrive at The Dream Factory 16th and 17th October 2020 before heading to the USA. For Christmas 2020, Playbox Theatre proudly presents the perfect story for Christmas A CHRISTMAS CAROL By Charles Dickens The Dream Factory is a special place at Christmas and for many children, their first encounter with live theatre. All the stops are pulled out for 2020 with a lavish, snow filled version of Dickens’ perfect Christmas story of Ebeneezer Scrooge taking a journey of transformation from hard-hearted miser to the living endorsement of the spirit of Christmas. It’s going to be a special Christmas with Playbox. Opens Friday 18th December. In addition to the production programme Playbox Theatre offer a studio curated programme each season, with training programmes in theatre, movement, circus, musical theatre, film and digital media, tours and special events for ages 3-19, and centres in Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa and Solihull. Founding Director Mary King reflects as the new year is announced that, “Having read The Durham Report it clearly states that “creative opportunity is transformative for every child and is valuable for all of us across our lives”, our year 2020 places the emphasis fully on the creativity, imagination and sheer wonder of young people in the arts.” The Dream Factory, recently upgraded with funding from Arts Council England, Warwick District Council, Warwick Town Council and Friends of Playbox is a state-of-the-art creative centre for children and young people with its an auditoria, training studios, Café Whirl and social areas it is one of Europe’s major arts company for the young. We invite you to join us for the 2020 season. 2020 AT A GLANCE Main productions at The Dream Factory Feb Starry Nights April Calamity Jane May Skellig Massacre at Paris/Doctor Faustus June The Bear & The Stars July The Park Sept/Oct Hetty Feather Oct New Musical ‘Just Being’ USA Tour Nov Electra Dec A Christmas Carol

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