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Santa Monica Playhouse

Santa Monica Playhouse, established in 1960, has long stood as a cornerstone of artistic expression and theatrical education in Santa Monica, California.

Under the dedicated leadership of co-artistic directors Evelyn Rudie and Chris DeCarlo since 1973, the playhouse has created over 600 productions and made significant contributions to both the local and international arts communities.

The Playhouse prides itself on offering a wide array of educational programs, workshops for kids, teens, and adults, and unique international tours, all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of live theatre.

With its mission to create, educate, and connect, the Santa Monica Playhouse has touched the lives of over 5 million people, proving the transformative power of theatre in building community and cultural exchange​.

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Model Language Studio, Tokyo

Model Language Studio (MLS) in Tokyo uses an innovative approach to language learning through theatre.

Founded on the principles established by Broadway actor Richard A. Via, MLS uses the English Through Drama (ETD) Method® to enhance English communication skills. This method, founded on the principles of Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg, rooted in professional acting techniques, focuses on genuine expression and personal style, aiming to improve not just language proficiency but also the ability to communicate effectively.

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Dvorek Bialopradnicki, Poland

Dworek Białoprądnicki Cultural Centre is a key cultural hub in Kraków, Poland, hosting a rich array of events, workshops, and artistic activities. Situated in a historic manor, it fosters creativity and cultural engagement through its diverse offerings, including music, literature, and performance arts and is a vibrant space for both the local community and visitors.

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Bay Area Youth Theatre, San Francisco (2004-2023)

Bay Area Children’s Theatre was a beacon of the arts for young people across San Francisco.

They were celebrated for their commitment to enriching children’s lives through live theatre, offering a range of performances that catered to family audiences. The company was known for its innovative approach to storytelling, bringing classic tales to life and introducing new, engaging works specifically designed for children and young people. Their educational programs went beyond the stage, providing valuable learning experiences and workshops that encouraged children to explore their creativity and develop a lasting appreciation for the performing arts.

Following financial troubles after the COVID-19 pandemic, Bay Area Children’s Theatre has closed its doors, however its legacy of fostering a love of theatre in young people will undoubtedly continue to have an impact on all those it touched.