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Playbox Theatre ‘seasons’ run alongside the Warwickshire County Council school terms.

A season will last between 10-12 weeks, with a break in the middle.

Playbox’s weekly workshops run throughout the season, in accordance with the dates below.

During the holidays, Playbox Theatre offers lots of holiday activities, and The Dream Factory is always open and busy!

Please call us for more information.


Season dates:

Autumn Season 2023:

Season begins: Saturday 9th September 2023

Season ends: Saturday 9th December 2023

Midseason break: Saturday 28th October – Saturday 4th November 2023 (inclusive)


Spring Season 2024:

Season begins: Saturday 6th January 2024

Season ends: Saturday 23rd March 2024

Midseason break: Saturday 10th February – Sunday 18th February 2024 (inclusive)


Summer Season 2024:

Season begins: Saturday 13th April 2024

Season ends: Saturday 13th July 2024

Midseason break: Saturday 25th May – Saturday 1st June 2024 (inclusive)


Autumn Season 2024:

Season begins: Saturday 7th September 2024

Season ends: Saturday 7th December 2024

Midseason break: Saturday 26th October – Sunday 3rd November 2024 (inclusive)


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Special dates for your diary:

Workshop Presentations:

  • Monday Musical Theatre Junior 1 – 4th December at 4.45pm
  • Monday Musical Theatre Junior 2 – 4th December at 5.45pm
  • Monday Musical Theatre 1 – 4th December at 6.30pm
  • Saturday Musical Theatre 1 – 9th December at 10.30am
  • Saturday Musical Theatre –  2nd December at 12.30pm
  • Wednesday Musical Theatre 1 – 6th December at 5.10pm
  • Wednesday Musical Theatre 2 – 6th December at 6.30pm
  • Wednesday Musical Theatre 3 – 6th December at 8pm

Our Productions:

Upcoming Auditions:

Audition details will be made available in Member Essentials.


Watch this space.

Member Masterclasses: