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Playbox Dialogues

Playbox Theatre is building back with its famed Energy, Enthusiasm and Passion, following the effects of the Pandemic and we seek conversations with potential new staff members and creative partners. Please read on for more information.

Our 2021 programme of Training and Performance resulted in being one of the most successful and inspiring in the company’s 37 year history. Based at our unique complex The Dream Factory in Warwick young people developed skills across multi arts disciplines and invested in a creation programme spanning original new writing, classic reinterpretations and devised projects alongside focussed and original new work for the very young.

Playbox Theatre continues to be a work-in-evolution, reflecting the changing times of our young people and the world they live in and the future they aspire to create. They achieve this, through the dynamic disciplines of the Arts in action. Playbox is a visionary concept and never rests on past laurels or success.

As we move into a new year, we initiate the Playbox Dialogues to discover, meet and partner artists, educators, and professionals, with a belief in the central role of young people as artists and creators. Our Team at Playbox remains the vital heartbeat for the development of ideas and skills embracing all genres of theatre and drawing on contemporary ideas for training and performance.

Within our company, young people engage in detailed Research and Development of ideas, creation and exploration of new writing through the Blank Shift Creative Writers programme.

We want to meet future partners who may aspire to lead regular artistic programmes, build the skills, confidence and talent of 3-20 year olds, create studio projects and experiments, direct mid-large scale work within the company involving casts of young people drawing on World, European contemporary and classical works.

The year ahead is one of building towards the future of the company and encouraging artists with a strong desire to affect young people’s lives through the arts to meet with us and explore ideas and possibilities.

Relationships within the Playbox organisation depend on the strong bond of commitment between the young people and their Guides, whether a regular session, or skill-based guide, or guest Director/Trainer. If you feel the company is of appeal to you, your career in the arts and where you are at this time, it is a perfect moment to talk.

Our Dialogues are designed to get to know potential newcomers and are structured to be informal on both sides taking time to explore the state of the arts and young people, the wider arts ecology, trends and areas to explore. Playbox Theatre will identify areas of potential engagement/employment and detail how working within the company can be enriching and rewarding for all involved. First and foremost-the young people who are Playbox Theatre.

Whilst the artistic imperative is, naturally, our core in this project, we also want to meet those with Administrative skills who want to apply these to a unique, young person centric arts organisation.

Playbox Theatre is a Creative Partner of Warwick District Council.

If you would like to engage in dialogue with our Team do contact us and we will offer options to meet us, see our work and discover exciting new routes in building the future through the arts and the skills of young people.

Please contact

We look forward to meaningful and exciting conversations in the series of dialogues and hope you will feel inspired to contact.

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We’re always looking to expand our wonderful team at Playbox Theatre so if you are a scenic artist, designer, workshop facilitator or director, you are very welcome to send a letter of introduction and a CV to and we will be happy to read it.