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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Help Playbox Theatre to 'Raise The Roof' and repair The Dream Factory

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"Playbox saved my son's life. He joined when he was 8 - he didn't speak much and didn't have friends. Playbox changed all of that"
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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head 2022/2023

Please help Playbox Theatre to urgently repair the roof of The Dream Factory, Warwick, which is home to 1,000s young people developing their ability, and their confidence, through the arts. The situation is now so serious, that the future of this purpose-built theatre for young people is under significant threat.

Having survived the challenges of Covid, Playbox  faces the major problem that the roof of the theatre is severely damaged. As the leaks become more frequent, and more severe, endless buckets are needed. Water is now pouring through light fittings and causing parts of the interior walls and rooves to crumble. We face the reality that this situation is far more serious than we had initially thought and, following full surveys, we know that the roof must be fully repaired and insulated, as quickly as possible.

The figure we need to achieve through this campaign is £250,000, which is no mean feat for a company that receives no revenue funding, but relies on self-supportive finances including membership fees, cafe revenue, box office, education programmes and self-help fundraising. This figure will enable us to repair the roof, and to make good the considerable damage that has been caused by the persistent leaks.

With passion, determination, and an intense belief in our young people as artists, Playbox thrives, and is heralded across the world as a model of excellence for creative work with the young. We ask for your help to ‘raise the roof’ and to ensure the survival of this unique theatre complex for the young. With your help, we can do this!

What help is needed?

There are so many ways that you can support the repairing of The Dream Factory, from small donations, to sponsoring major programmes of work, donating items for auction, or prizes for our raffles.

There are over 1,000 children and young people who depend upon this venue to provide them with a creative home, and a place where they can feel completely safe, respected, and artistically challenged. The Dream Factory is here for each of them, and for their friends and families to meet, relax, and share in their young people’s achievements.

Not only is this theatre a superb complex of studios and auditoria, but it is also a hub of excitement and friendship, frequently providing a lifeline for our members. 

Your support ensures that The Dream Factory is here for today’s young people, and for generations to come. Please read on to discover the many ways you can help.

“ When we heard that Playbox Theatre in Warwick needed help, we jumped at the chance to sponsor one of their productions to help them raise money for a new roof. Everyone talks about children’s mental health; what Playbox does is help to prevent this by giving children their own place to express themselves. It’s an incredible set up and everyone in Warwickshire should be very proud to have a leading theatre for young children on our doorstep”

– Lucianne Allen, Sales Director for Aubrey Allen

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How can you help the “Raindrops” project and keep talent flowing into the Arts ?

No donation is too big or too small!

You are supporting a creative space where all children have a voice. A vision to create a family for life for all members, their families and alumni and giving all children a chance to be part of the creative arts.


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