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Playbox's Circus Training Programme relaunches with unique collaboration with School of Larks

Playbox Theatre is delighted to announce a whole new look and considerable developments for its well-established circus training programme. Since the company arrived at The Dream Factory in 1999, circus and related arts have been a core part of Playbox’s training and performance, with members and alumni appearing in acclaimed circus productions , and some going on to join the world’s leading circus companies (most recently in Cirque Du Soleil’s Toruk) – Playbox Theatre even staged a major circus and physical theatre event for the G7 Conference in London in 2014. Today ushers in the beginning of a new phase for the company, as we announce a partnership with acclaimed circus training programme School Of Larks based in The Cotswolds. From September, young people will experience weekly training which blends sport and art, ground and aerial skills, as well as the creation of acts and performances. This will be facilitated by the superb trainers of the school. There will be extended opportunities for specialist masterclasses in Chinese Pole, cyr wheel and others, as well as continued development towards the next planned Playbox Circus production following the success of a Formula X in 2017. Emily Jane Quash, Artistic Director of Playbox said today “This is a very exciting time for Playbox Theatre, as we introduce a range of upgraded specialist programmes for young people of all ages. We celebrate young people as artists and are proud to be joining forces with The School Of Larks who are dedicated to providing high quality training, whilst encouraging a love of collaborative work, physical activity and challenging their perceptions of what is achievable. The Dream Factory is a custom-built home for Playbox Theatre, that has a superb aerial rig and training infrastructure, meaning that we can offer our members the opportunity to experience a wide range of ground-based, and aerial, skills. We are passionate about young people and their artistic potential, and circus gives another dimension to physical expression and communication…whilst being loads of fun and an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. There has never been a better time to become involved with circus at Playbox and we’re hoping to welcome lots of new artists, as the training programme expands.” Playbox Theatre’s Circus, in partnership, with The School of Larks reopens on a Tuesday 17th September. To find out more, or for details of how to join, please visit our Workshops page or email

There is an Open Evening at Playbox Theatre, The Dream Factory, Warwick on Tuesday 10th September from 5-7pm. Come along to find out more.

Photos of circus in action with Playbox Theatre and School of Larks can be downloaded here.

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Playbox Theatre is a professional creative organisation developing theatre for and with young people. Based at its own custom-designed complex in Warwick, it aims to develop the skills talent and confidence of young people in the performance arts through exciting and innovative methods.

Founded in 1986 Playbox serves young artists and audiences across the Warwickshire and West Midlands regions with training and performance studios supporting its main creative base. Playbox Theatre places at its heart young people as artists and audience.

The Dream Factory is a creative collaboration between Playbox Theatre, Glenn Howells Architects and Sceno-Plus (Montreal). It stands on land provided by Warwickshire County Council.

Playbox Theatre is a key client of Warwick District Council, providing artistic quality and experience for young people in the region.

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