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Gretel Casting

Casting as of 16th July 2019:

Gretel Freya Davis

Hansel Dylan Jones

Father Calum Blackie

Mother Molly Perkins

Stepmother Zoe Bull

The Witch Sophia Rowlatt

Mad Witch 1 Syd Sutherland

Mad Witch 2 Ciaran Walker

Gentleman Witch Connor Parris

Hansel Witch Oscar Webster

Gretel Witch Abbey Elston

Mother Witch Liv Cond

Guardian Will Parsons

Starving Family Kitty Duffy, Eve Hatz, Millie Danks-Smith, Mary Travis, Freya Travis


Elysia Sully, Jacob White, Phoebe Roberts, Leah Moss, Sophie Anderson, Lyla Mcleod, Ed Twyman, Lilly Lister, Scarlett Hulse, Frank Wormald


Poppy Mitchell, Isobel Lynch-Bell, Tom Quash, Lucy Griffiths, Quillan Mitchell, Olivia Nolan, Joe Stevenson, Charlotte Davies, Isabella Gaiser, Lily McElfatrick, Betsy Burgess, Lauren Heaps, Dylan Somanthan, Lloyd Currie, Alice Battersby, Bella Heseldon-Hamer, Emilia Hall, Sam Almond

With over 250 young people attending the auditions, this has been incredibly difficult to cast.

We are very grateful to all Playbox Theatre members and families who came along and we look forward to telling you all about the upcoming auditions for 2020.

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