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Measure for Measure Casting

The Investigation

Vincenzia Head of State Paige Cooper

Escalus Civil Servant Teagan Gough

Angelo Deputy Head of State Noah Lukehurst

Thomas, a Priest Megan Brougham

Diane Overdone, a Madam Danni Burridge

Lucio, a lawyer David Hass

Pompey, a pimp Tegan Elliott

Justice of the Investigation Katie Walsh

Claudio, Isabel’s brother Syd Sutherland

Provost, officer at Investigation Beatriz Sanchez

Isabel, a young woman Cate Johannessen

Juliet, Claudio’s fiance Molly Perkins

Marianna, Angelo’s ex fiancé Eilidh Evans

Officials, studio, reporters. Soho, TV crew

Max Thompson, Miranda Brabban, Imogen Philip, Harry Clapham, Dylan Marshall, Emma Cole

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