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Illustrative lines Illustrative lines

The Memory of Henry V: Toby Quash
King Henry VI: Joe Deverell-Smith
Margaret of Anjou: Grace Martin
Gloucester/Young Clifford:India Wellman
Exeter: Flora Garner
Joan La Pucelle: Laura Woodhouse
Winchester/Richard: Isabella James
Richard Plantagenet/Louis of France: Charlie Davis
Warwick/Jack Cade: Priya Edwards
Somerset/Stafford/Messenger: Eva O’Hara
Charles VI/Clifford/Butcher: Alex Lane
Talbot/King Edward: Alfie Brunt
Suffolk: Alex Thomson
Vernon/Rebel/Lady Bona: Paige Cooper
Messenger/Rebel/Lady Grey: Olivia Hass
Messenger/Rebel/Son: Taryn Young
Basset/Clerk: Tom Sedman
Young Talbot/Rebel/Rutland: Jamie Whitelaw
Weaver/Prince Edward: Charlotte Haigh
George/Rebel: Will Davies
Burgundy/Basset/Soldier: Lewis Low
Rebel/Son/Young King Henry: Syd Sutherland
Soldier/Rebel/Son: Ben Hepworth
Scout/Rebel/Son: Teagan Gough


David Hass, Calum Blackie, Ed Butler, Molly Perkins, Tilly Morris, Evan Harris, Iris Colver, Max Thompson, Freya Davis, Megan Daykin

With the voice of Evan Davis as The News Reporter


Part 1: Stewart McGill
Part 2: Mary King
Part 3: Emily Quash

Text Adaption: Mary King
Lighting Design: Wayne Dowdeswell
Sound Design: Richard Cooper
Choral Music Director: Eva O’Hara
Technical Director: Craig Sheppard
Assistant to the Director Part 1: Natalie Keffler
Production Photograph: Asia Werbel
Properties: Heather Riley
Child Welfare: Elaine Ball

Production dates

Original run:
23rd – 30th April 2016, at The Dream Factory
19th – 21st May 2016 at St Mary’s Church, Warwick

What the press say…

The action is delivered in three parts – Stewart McGill directs thunder and smoke, Mary King revolution and Emily Quash descent into The Abyss. All three feature spectacular choreography.

The Stratford Herald