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The Company

Illustrative lines Illustrative lines

The Court Of Theseus

Theseus, the ruler: Connor Parris
Hippolyta, a captured Amazon: Kitty Brunt
Egeus, a senior minister: Hayden Coward
Philostrate, a minister: Ben Hepworth
Hermia: Paige Cooper
Helena: Dani Burridge
Lysander: Sam Bain
Demetrius: Noah Lukehurst

The Rude Mechanicals

Bottom: Syd Sutherland
Petra Quince: Sophia Rowlatt
Flute: Adam Turner
Starveling: Teagan Gough
Snout: Milli Sispal
Snug: Evan Harris

The Royal Court Of The Faeries

Oberon, King Of Shadows: Alfie Jones
Titania, Queen of the Faeries: Ellidh Evans
Puck: Olivia Hass
1st Faerie: Caitlin Jenkins
Peaseblossom: Sasha Pugh
Cobweb: Oscar Webster
Moth: Ottilie Lampitt
Mustardseed: Kitty Duffy
Changeling Hugh Markham

The Rude Elementals

Fairies, Sprites, Lost Souls in the forest:
Corin Alford, Teghan Elliot, Rhiannon Kimber-McTiffin, Ottilie Lampitt, Mimi Parr, Imogen Philip, Constanze Straub

The Royal Wedding Guests

A.J. Birt, Emily Button, Hannah Markham, Dylan Marshall, Leila Osbourne-Millar, Thapelo Ray; Scarlett Watkin, Tara Wynne Edwards


Director & Designer: Stewart McGill
Technical Director & Lighting Design: Richard Cooper
Production Costuming, Sourcing, and Creation: The Company
Finale Choreography: Teagan Gough
Rehearsal Photography: Richard Cooper
Production Photography: Will Dolan
Set Installation: Richard Cooper
Head Chaperones: Charlotte Gough, Helan Rowlatt,. Andrew Paris, Imogen Watkin.

Oberon, Titania and Puck costumes created by Bristol Costume Services. Bottom’s head by RSC Costume. Thanks to Heather Riley for additional costume support.

Production dates

Original run: 22nd March – 7th April 2018, at The Dream Factory