Secondary & further (KS3, 4 & 5)


Encouraging the development of young people as they take their next steps into Secondary school and further education, Playbox has created a wealth of exciting, creative workshops to support curriculum-based activity for Key stage 3, 4 and 5. With increasing demands and pressures as they near GCSE’s and A Levels, we have a range of PHSE workshops to support young people and help them navigate their way into adulthood. We also offer sessions on key modules and set texts in Drama and English, workshops on English and foreign literature and set texts, and broader seminars that explore continuing development in areas such as communication and presentation.

Examples of previous workshops include:

  • Practitioners & Practice: Brecht to Stanislavski, Artaud to Berkoff, we have workshops offering students the opportunity to explore different approaches to theatre including Naturalism, Epic Theatre, Theatre of Cruelty, Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre of the Absurd with hands-on experience of techniques such as gesture, physical theatre, alienation, mime, direct address, and multi-roling. We can focus on a particular practitioner, play or approach.

  • Shakespeare: Working across both Drama and English departments, Playbox has created sessions looking at everything from specific plays to themes and symbolism, to characters and relationships. With years of experience running the renowned Shakespeare Young Company and creating workshops and productions with local Secondary schools, we offer a vast and varied approach to learning Shakespeare, bringing to life set plays and enabling young people to explore text more deeply up on their feet.

  • Set Texts: Using theatre to find new and exciting ways for students to access and enjoy texts on the curriculum, we have developed sessions on a range of pre and post 19th Century work, modern literature, prose, poetry and plays. Offering the student the opportunity to learn from the inside, playing with chapters and scenes, character and themes.

  • Devising: It is difficult creating a new piece of theatre from scratch. Stimuli, structure, generating new material, embracing different creative techniques, and approaching alternative methods of storytelling, we offer sessions for all stages and levels of devising new work, and can support GCSE and Further Education students creating new and existing devising projects. 

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We work with a variety of group sizes, with a limit of 30 students per workshop. In our experience, any more can impact on the level of interaction and engagement for participants.

To discuss your ideas please contact Emily Quash or call us on 01926 419555

“The students were totally engaged and the workshops were pitched at just the right level for them. The work produced will give them a wonderful foundation to continue the devising process. Thank you for a great workshop.” 

Alex Green, Drama Teacher, Trinity School, Leamington