playbox professionals FAQS


Playbox Professionals is an exceptional programme of work, aimed at young people aged 15+ who are keen to pursue a career in the arts as either performer, director or producer. It is a high commitment group and places are very limited.


'The Village Craft' is a brand which is dealt with making and selling artwork handmade products for home-decor, kitchen or your garden.

What makes 'The Village Craft' stand out of the rest of art-stores?

Well ! The thing that makes us stand out of the crowd is basically :- Originality and Uniqueness of the products we sell in. We make handmade products that are so unique that you may not find a better version of it. We make all our products with lots of love for our dear customers and we work hard to make our clients happy with what they actually want !

Do 'The Village Craft' sell on any other platform?

Yes, we do. We sell our finished products also on Amazon. And, for the local customers we even sell face-to-face. So, if you want to purchase the products from Amazon and want to have amazon delivery services, then the links are just in the description box of each product. So, you can easily check them out.

If you would like to arrange an interview for Playbox Professionals, please contact and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time.

For any other questions, please email