Primary (KS1 & KS2)


Whether it is about finding new, fun ways to explore core subjects like Maths, Science and English, improving communication and Self-confidence or developing an understanding of fiction and drama, Playbox can offer a range of workshops to support Primary classroom teaching.

Workshops could be aimed at:

  • Bringing core and foundation subjects to life, to support understanding of problem-solving, facts, texts and Shakespeare.

  • PSHE activities – role plays around E safety, abuse on social media etc.

  • Supporting teachers to develop creative ideas around themes: Space, the Egyptians, Climate, the Future, Inventions etc.

  • Drama clubs – during the day/lunchtimes to capture children who are unlikely to stay beyond school hours.

  • Making a show: costume, lighting etc. using our custom-built theatre.

Examples of previous workshops include:

  • Living History: Using drama and physical theatre to enable young people to step back in time and explore what it might be like to live during Henry VIII’s reign, fight in the Battle of Hastings or attempt to extinguish the Fire of London. Allowing children to explore history from the inside using physical theatre and character work.

  • Reading Worlds: Creating opportunities for children to interact more directly with the worlds of literature, where they can physically jump into the pages of their favourite authors like Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson or JK Rowling. This workshop offers children a better understanding of the books they love, improve their literacy and creativity by reliving scenes, embodying characters and engaging in the narrative journeys.

  • Drama Speaks: Exploring new and exciting ways to tell stories, improving confidence and communication skills using text, physical and visual theatre and encouraging children to find their voice. This workshop encourages teamwork, creativity and communication.


Planning a trip?

Explore our programme of performances – many have associated workshops, talks and support materials.

Information & Costs

We work with a variety of group sizes, with a limit of 30 students per workshop. In our experience, any more can impact on the level of interaction and engagement for participants.

To discuss your ideas please contact Emily Quash or call us on 01926 419555.