Being cast in a Playbox Theatre production is the start of a wonderful adventure. You will have such an exciting time creating new work, and meeting talented young actors from across all Playbox Theatre’s centres. Being in a production is a large and intensive commitment…not just for the performer, but for the family as well…so you need to make sure you’re able to fulfil what’s required, before deciding to audition. The director will be under considerable pressure during the rehearsal period, so it is vital that all cast members, and their families, fulfil their side of the arrangement.

1. Is Malaysia in crisis? Is Democracy itself in crisis?

The question is to lay the foundations to the role of democratic institutions in Malaysia and if they are relevant as they are, have they functioned per Constitution and good governance or that temporary conciliatory platforms are required in the interim to making the reforms required in institutions. Where are reforms required, if any and in which areas? The question will also examine if our leadership is in crisis? Also examined would be Malaysians’ understanding of the constitution and political literacy? How does this compare with legislators’? What are the repercussions of these levels of literacy?

2. Democratic model of Malaysia, exploring the federal, state and local government fabric and evolution

The question will discuss the relationship between federal, state and local governments relationship. It will examine the current dynamics of this synergy post GE14 as well as how it bodes in a postmodern era of democracy. It will also discuss what constitutes Malaysia as a nation, what it takes to strengthen her democratic institutions. The question will also examine what events of March 2020 (which saw a change in government) and events of September 2020 (which is seeing another potential change) showing us on our democracy? Is our electoral system encouraging democracy or suppressing voters and citizenship rights?

3. Building a Malaysia for all

This question will review aspects of culture and tradition that lead to feudalism in the leadership styles of Malaysia both in the public and private sectors and the mechanisms required in dismantling this culture. How has race-based policies in Malaysia in the last 6 decades moulded the leadership styles in Malaysia’s public and private sectors? Are there advantages of evolving a race based polity into a universal non race and religion based polity and how will democracy institutions change in the face of a non race-based polity?

4. Political governance and the public sector

This question will focus on the public sector and its service delivery culture, political governance will be examined from perspective of separation of powers, oversights and also the systems of patronage, and the alternatives available. It will examine the evolving role of parliament and are we seeing a tug of war between feudalistic cultures of wanting to maintain the past versus a democratic model of the present wanting good governance in Malaysia?

5. Redefining regulators, rebuilding oversights

Who audits the auditors? This question will examine who keeps regulators in check. If government and businesses are too intertwined? It will explore further if an ‘independent referee’ is required to oversee institutions, and if there are such institutions how they can be empowered will also be examined.

6. Governance, government linked businesses & statutory bodies

This question will examine the roles and fiduciary duties of boards and senior management in these entities and their effectiveness within the existing statutes under which many of the GLCs and GLICs have been enacted.

7. The missing fourth pillar of reform; media and civil society

This question will examine the role of media and civil societies as independent referees and pillars in a democracy, their allegiances to their pay masters and their independence in reporting. The same is for civil societies.

8. Defining Malaysia’s succession planning and human capital conundrum

This question will explore the selection process of senior positions in public sector and government owned entities. This question will also explore part of education is lacking that has and is contributing to the ails of Malaysia? How can this be reformed? Where and why has the succession planning models failed at the political and public sector? What are key traits that Malaysians want from leaders in public and private sector?

9. Deliberative democracy and the consultative council

This question will deliberate the role of how enhance our democratic governance. Is a national consultative council, led by independent entities outside of democracy model a viable alternative or supplement to existing democracy structures? Are there other refereeing models which can be considered to strengthen the governance of our branches of democracy?


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