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Playbox Theatre
The Dream Factory
Stratford Road
Warwick CV34 6LE
United Kingdom​

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The Company

Illustrative lines Illustrative lines


Old Man: Asher Hardy
The Captain: Scott Lenton
Jack: Oliver Lloyd
Alexander: Oliver FitzGibbon
Sophie: Tess McGouldrick
Alice: Tallulah Markham
Mother: Olivia Hamblett

The Fallen

William Luxmoore, Will Burdett, Oscar Webster, Connor Parris, Zac Parker, Kyle Campbell, Max Rowlatt

I’m Over 18

Zachary Wainwright, Daniel Vicente Thomas, Joe Bench, Calum Blackie

The Shadow Road

Helen Cox, Sophie Adkins, Elisabeth Winfield, Sydney Scott, Eleanor Jackson, Helena Mannion, Sophie Corcoran


Sophia Rowlatt, Molly Perkins, Georgia Blackie, Hannah Markham, Amy Boulton, Isabel Lambourn, Alexandra Smith, Emily Pepper

Too Small To Fight

Valentina Franco, Ethan Phillips, Phoebe Roberts, Hannah Mircovic, Ed Twyman, Emma Markham, Katherine Markham, Sofia Vicente-Thomas


Written for Playbox Theatre By: Toby Quash
Directed & Designed By: Emily Jane Quash
Lighting Designed By: Craig Sheppard
Construction: Rod Swain
Sound Effects: Tom Lee

Production Team

Stage Manager: Sammie Horton
Assistant Stage Managers: Isabella Sanders, Alice Blyth, Evie Turner, Dani Horton
Technical Assistant: Bradley Wheetman
Pre-Production Support: Cameron Scriven, Tom Preston, Charlotte Holmes, Pippa Broomfield, Holly Hitchman, Harriet Riley, Sophie Corcoran, Sophie Roote, Harry Mason, Luke Keane
Sound Operation: Sophie Culverwell
Costume Coordination: Chrissie Markham
Wardrobe & Properties: Heather Riley
Head of Children’s Welfare: Elaine Ball

Production dates

Original run: 8th – 11th July 2015, at The Dream Factory