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Chatterbox is a new venture from Playbox Theatre, headed up by actor and writer, Calum Finlay. ‘Chatterbox’ sees Calum in conversation with fellow actors, directors and artists from across the industry with a series of candid and casual interviews about career choices, advice for young actors, and how we’re experiencing a changing world in 2020. Chatterbox is a weekly event which enables a live audience to interact directly with the guests, sending through questions and with the chance to appear live in the chat. The series will run throughout the current period of lockdown with a list of fantastic guests joining Calum at 4pm every Friday afternoon.


There is no required charge to participate in ‘Chatterbox’. However, during these unprecedented and challenging times, Playbox Theatre needs your help to enable a full return beyond the crisis, and to ensure we continue to provide unparalleled creative and artistic opportunities for generations of young people to come. Please help, if you can. No amount is too small, or too large. 




With huge thanks, 


Emily Quash, 

Artistic Director

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