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*Masa Ota, President ‘Model Language Studio’, Tokyo


15th May 2020


A note from Playbox Theatre’s Consultant Director, Stewart McGill

We feel optimistic.

At Playbox Theatre we place much emphasis on the voice. From the human voice comes our fiction, our imaginary worlds, our stories that translate into art. This has been so from the earliest of times.

From the voice, the ability to communicate evolved our art; places to share art; palaces of pleasure - our need, essentially, to gather, to share and to celebrate the uniqueness of being human.

The theatres, concert halls, opera houses are closed. Does that destroy art? Surely it is not just about buildings, or budgets or design, or box office - although these elements may be present, we evolve a space for sharing.

This virus has stalked our nights, it has stolen our contact with other human beings - in essence, our very reason for existing.

The government has told us that we are not 'essential' to the survival of our community. What can we hold onto during this time?

Shakespeare's plague years were monumental, art, drama, music, literature…the green shoots? These became mighty branches to formulate a future.


We must talk of times now, not wait for what seems a silly notion - a ‘new normal’.

Our friends enjoy the streaming of events - theatre, opera, ballet, concerts - yet these are folk memories of gatherings past. We must reinvent and be different. Let us show the way.

With this spirit of creativity we propose experiments in spacial contexts - a challenge- oh, yes! Exciting? Yes! Radical methods of sharing stories in unique ways whilst restoring contact safely. Aware of COVID but not defeated or demolished by it.

The Phoenix is a mythological creature. In Ancient times she rose from the ashes, the past, the vanished and the vanquished. In the spirit of the Wonder Bird, it is time to tell stories again and come together.

It will take time for Phoenix to manifest herself, but she is stirring - considering and hearing the human voice, seeing the body. Be steady, be ready for her arrival.

"I don’t want realism, I want Magic" Tennessee Williams.



Stewart McGill

May 2020





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