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Prologue in Ancient Greece: Danny Tyrer

Iphigenia At Aulis
The War Begins
Agamemnon: Corin Alford
Messenger 1: Hamish Douglas
Clytemnestra: Freya Leadbetter
Nurse: Emma Markham
Iphigenia: Eilis Boden
Informer at Aulis: Ethan Phillips
Witness at Aulis: Emelia Hall
Chorus (Play 1): Valentina Franco (chorus Leader), Lily Guram, Bella Charters, James Griffiths, Joe Hutson, Lulu Jasper, Danny Tyrer, Emma Markham, Taya Ashley – Timms
Arrival Party: Leila Osborne-Millar, Molly Child, Laura Hoerl

The Aftermath
The Watchman: Ethan Phillips
Agamemnon: Corin Alford
Clytemnestra: Freya Leadbetter
Herald of Greeks: Leila Osborne – Millar
Cassandra: Miriam Clements
Aegisthus: Joe Hutson
Chorus (play 2): Taya Ashley–Timms (chorus leader), Emma Markham, Phoebe Roberts, Lulu Jasper, Valentina Franco, James Griffiths, Molly Child,
Dylan Marshall, Bella Charters, Beatrice Ferraioli

The Libation Bearers
Orestes and Electra
A new breed of terror
Orestes: Ottilie Lampitt
Electra: Mery Sutherland
Clytemnestra: Freya Leadbetter
Aegisthus: Joe Hutson
Porter/Servant: Nolly Mitchell
Chorus (play 3): Danny Tyrer (chorus leader)
And Libation: Beatrice Ferraioli, Endelyon Mitchell, Lulu Jasper
Bearers: Phoebe Roberts, Emma Markham, Emelia Hall, Laura Hoerl, Lauren Griffin, Lily Guram, Molly Child, Fraser Venn, Bella Charters

The Eumenides
Unleash Fury
Pythia: Laura Hoerl
Apollo: Dylan Marshall
Orestes: Ottilie Lampitt
Ghost of Clytemnestra: Freya Leadbetter
The Furies and: Mery Sutherland (leader of Furies)
Chorus (play 4): Leila Osborne-Millar, Phoebe Roberts, Emelia Hall, Beatrice Ferraioli, Taya Ashley-Timms, Danny Tyrer, Miriam Clements, Valentina Franco, Bella Charters, Hamish Douglas, Natasha Carter
Ghost of Iphigenia: Eilis Boden
Athena: Eilis Boden
Defence Lawyer: Fraser Venn
Prosecutor: Phoebe Roberts
Women of the City: Laura Hoerl, Lulu Jasper, Emelia Hall, Danny Tyrer


Creative Director: Stewart McGill
Lighting, Sound and Visual Director: Richard Cooper
Props: Chris Johns
Choreographic Coach: Juliet Vankay
Assistant Directors: Daisy Keene and Harley Wright
Lighting Operator: Izzy Thomas
Sound and Video Operator: Ella Heath-Kime
Costumes: Heather Riley, Lucy Marcovitch and Members of the Ensemble
Production Photography: Lucy Barriball
Graphic Design: Jared Appleton
Head Chaperones: Alison Phillips, Louise Hylen, Keir Mitchell, Darren Hall and Caroline Boden
Front Of House Managers: Lisa Hobson and Karenza Cullingworth

Production dates

Original run: 10th – 12th November 2022, at The Dream Factory