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Playbox Theatre
The Dream Factory
Stratford Road
Warwick CV34 6LE
United Kingdom​

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The Last of England


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The Company

Illustrative lines Illustrative lines


The Court

Henry IV Liam Browne
Prince Hal Quillan Mitchell
Prince John Elliot Barlow
Sir Walter Blunt Helena Tisdale
Earl of Westmorland Gracie Tomlin
Lord Vernon Lily Guram
Lord Chief Justice Annabelle Froud
Bishop Gabriella McGovern

The Rebels

Henry Percy ‘Hotspur’ Ethan Phillips
Worcester Jess Kaijaks
Northumberland Dylan Marshall
Lady Percy Miriam Clements


Sir John Falstaff Corin Alford
Mistress Quickly Meera Palta
Doll Tearsheet Ottilie Lampitt
Page to Falstaff Raul Ruparellia

The Firm

Poins Eve Hatz
Pistol Amelie Friess
Bardolph Emelia Hall
Nym Emma Markham


Justice Shallow Mery Sutherland
Silence Laura Hoerl
Davy Helena Tisdale
Mouldy Bella Osborne
Wart Endelyon Mitchell
Feeble Nolly Mitchell

Wider England

Travellers at Gadshill Valentina Franco, Millie Taylor
Jane Nightwork Bella Osborne

Creative Team

Production Stewart McGill
Lighting and Sound Design Richard Cooper
Fight Director Liam Bessell
Assistant Directors James Griffiths, Nathaneal Saleh, Niamh Smith, Caitlyn Appleyard
Costume The Ensemble, Heather Riley

Production Team

Production Manager David Lomas
Technical Director Richard Cooper
Technical Operator Izzy Thomas
Production Photography Lucy Barriball
Scenic Art and Construction Chris Johns, Kevin Hamilton, Richard Cooper
Fabric Suppliers McDougalls
Front of House Manager Karenza Cullingworth
Head of Welfare Stacey Newton

Production Dates

Original Dates: 9th-11th November 2023 at The Dream Factory

The text for this production drew from Orson Welles’ Chimes at Midnight Screenplay, William Shakespeare’s Henry IV Parts 1 & 2, Richard II, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Holinshed’s Chronicles and The Ensemble in Rehearsal.