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Illustrative lines Illustrative lines

Lewis Carroll: Alex Thomson/Asher Hardy
Prima: India Wellman/Sammie Horton
Secunda/Alica: Olivia Hass/Laura Woodhouse
Tertia: Taya Ashley-Timms/Juliette Duffey
White Rabbit: James Dunbar/Charlie Davis
Queen of Hearts: India Wellman/Grace Martin
King of Hearts: Joe Deverell-Smith/Lynton Appleton
Cheshire Cat: Eliza Brown/Priya Edwards
Duchess: Daisy Taylor/Asher Hardy
Caterpillar: Guy Gregory/Cameron Scriven
Mad Hatter: Dan Bainbridge/Will Dolan
March Hare: Tess McGoldrick/Sammie Horton
Dormouse: Albie Smith/Juliette Duffey
Gryphon: Lynton Appleton/Cameron Scriven
Mock Turtle: Alfie Brunt/Martha Markham
Knave of Hearts: Jamie Whitelaw/Claudia Musson
Mouse: Ed Buckley/Lynton Appleton
Dodo: Noah Lukehurst/Asher Hardy
Cook: Pippa Broomfield/Helen Cox
Tweedle Dum: Alex Thomson/Cameron Scriven
Tweedle Dee: Dan Bainbridge/Will Dolan
White Queen: Tess McGoldrick/Priya Edwards
Gardeners: Sophie Corcoran, Emily Sugden, Kyle Campbell/Joe Banks, Joe Lydick, Helen Cox

Wonderland/Looking Glass World:

Maymie Alford, Zack Ashley-Timms, Harry Bailey, Jennifer Beattie Georgie Burton, Ed Butler, Danielle Cleeve, Iris Colver, Ellie Duffey, Celia Duffy, Esme Harding, Evan Harris, Dani Horton, Paige Knight-Adams, Gregory Madden, Ethan Phillips, Daisy Powell, Sasha Pugh, Phoebe Roberts, Milli Sispal, Elysia Sully, Mathilda Ward

Inspired by: Lewis Carroll
Directed by: Emily Quash
Written by: Toby Quash
Assistants to The Director: Holly Tremellen, Jessica Chapple, Jack McCann
Environment & Costume Design: Emily Quash
Lighting Design: Wayne Dowdeswell
Sound Design & Operation: Richard Cooper
Lighting Operation: Tim Norris
Masks & Puppets: Chris Gunter
Scenic Artist: Judy Reave
Scenic Workshop: Ursula Westwood, Resident Ensemble
Wardrobe Mistress: Heather Riley
Props: Izzie James & Heather Riley
Costume Co-ordinators: Caroline Liversidge, Alison Scheuermann
Head of Welfare: Elaine Ball
Set Installation & Construction: Richard Cooper with Andy Jackson & Craig Sheppard
Casting: Toby Quash, Emily Quash, Mary King, Stewart McGill, Izzie James, Barney McElholm, Ci O’Byrne
Front of House Manager: Holly Clark
Information Officers: Florence Ellis, Lydia Atherton
Programme Design: Nikki Claire Cross
Programme Text: Lewis Carroll, Emily Quash
Printed by: Urban Design & Print

Production dates

Original run: 13th – 31st December 2016, at The Dream Factory