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Playbox Theatre is a professional company working with and for young people. We take huge pleasure in introducing our 2018-19 training programme in theatre and allied arts for 3-21 year olds at our own superb theatre in Warwick and our regional training studios. Playbox has the UK’s most praised theatre training programme, working across art forms, styles, techniques and approaches. All our programmes offer every child and young adult the opportunity to develop skills in confidence building, self-esteem and talent alongside specific artistic disciplines.

Our theatre centre in Warwick, The Dream Factory, is a state-of-the-art facility designed exclusively for young people to learn their craft through experience. Our regional centres are in selected locations throughout the Heart of England.

This year we launched our Playbox Theatre Futures fundraising programme to develop our centre for today’s and the next generation. This will see new studios, enhanced technical fittings and much needed new parking space. Do take a look at our Futures page to discover more.

Our young people continue to impress as ambassadors of the arts across Britain and beyond, receiving invitations to appear at crucial conferences, to perform internationally and receiving much acclaim as they do so. We are proud of our members and their artistic achievements.

Our work has an extensive track record of excellence in the arts with young people, our reputation is superb amongst families, members and peers in the industry. Staff are highly qualified professional artists and teachers with many years of experience in the arts and engaging with the young.

Our unique training programme builds on our successful past and moves Playbox into an exciting new era. Do take a look at the menu on the left to see what we can offer for you.

Mary King
Founding Director & Chief Executive