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Playbox Theatre
The Dream Factory
Stratford Road
Warwick CV34 6LE
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The Company

Illustrative lines Illustrative lines


Sean Alcock
Caitlynn Bartlett
Georgia Blackie
Paige Godman
Miranda Gormley
Teagan Gough
Thara Harrison
Eve Hawkins
Hollie Hudspith
Paige Knight-Adams
Grace Martin
Emily Pepper
Catherine Reynolds
Sophie Roote
Jamie Roote
Max Rowlatt
Sofia Rowlatt
Will Stockton
Alex Townsend
Zoe Wallis
Annie Wilson

The Creators

Wonderia Creators: Mary King and Stewart McGill
Director & Staging: Mary King
Choreography: Juliet McGill
Specialist Trainers: Niamh O’Reilly, Thomas Ball, Amy Perkins, Juliet Vankay
Visual Conception: Kate Unwin
Lighting & Effects Design: Craig Sheppard

Production Team

Technical Director: Craig Sheppard
Stage Manager: Tim Norris
Set Constructor: Rod Swain
Front of House Installation Construction: Rod Swain and Craig Sheppard
Heads of Welfare: Elaine Ball and Debby Hudspith
Technical Assistants: Will Blackburn, Bradley Wheetman, David Peters, Daniel O’Riley
Information Officers: Florence Ellis, Darryl Hughes

Production dates

Original run: 5th – 9th August 2015, at The Dream Factory