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The Company

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The Cast


God Celine Delahaye
Snake Nathaneal Saleh
Adam Quillan Mitchell
Eve Ottilie Lampitt
Noah Tom Lomas
Wife Mery Sutherland
Tubalcain Sam Almond
Jubal Jess Clews
Shem Tom Quash
Gabriel Freya Phillips
Mary Lily Guram
Joseph Liam Browne
Gibb Milo Aggiss
Aaron Jennie Beattie
Herod Ella Anderton
Death Dylan Somanathan

Broadweavers Guild

Caitlin Appleyard, Elliot Barlow, Hamish Douglas, Emelia Hall, Eve Hatz, Lulu Jasper, Jess Jenkins, Ida Ledwitch-Madsen, Emma Markham, Dylan Marshall, Betty McFarlane, Endelyon Mitchell, Nolly Mitchell, Luca Sispal, Niamh Smith, Sofia Vicente Thomas

Fullers Guild

Lily Dengate, Harvey Eaton, Joss Hampson, Abi Hardy, Hannah Hardy, Leo Harrison, Jack Humphrey, Mabel Mitchell, Holly Page, Jessie Peacock, Matilda Quash


John Baptist Quillan Mitchell
Annas Elliot Barlow
Caiaphas Dylan Marshall
Jesus Miriam Clements
Peter Mery Sutherland
Andrew Liam Browne
James Luca Sispal
John Tom Quash
Rachel Freya Phillips
Woman Lily Guram
Worshipper Ottilie Lampitt
Judas Nathanael Saleh
Pilate Tom Lomas
Mary Mother Freya Phillips
Mary Magdalene Jennie Beattie
Mary Salome Eve Hatz
Child Matilda Quash

Drapers Guild

Sam Almond, Ella Anderton, Harry Bailey, Jess Clews, Lloyd Currie, Celine Delahaye, Hamish Douglas, Georgie Elsmore, Emelia Hall, Arthur Hamblett, Isaac Hope, Jess Jenkins, Theo Jobbins, Evie Manning, Emma Markham, Nolly Mitchell, Finley Sloper, Dylan Somanathan, Danny Tyrer

Mercers Guild

Charlotte Davies, Helaina Durham, Emily Grant, Joss Hampson, Lulu Jasper, Ida Ledwitch-Madsen, Betty McFarlane, Freya Precious, Holly Ridley


God Celine Delahaye
Jesus Miriam Clements
Satan Nathanael Saleh
Adam Quillan Mitchell
Eve Ottilie Lampitt
Mary Mother Freya Phillips
Mary Magdalen Ella Anderton
Mary Salome Jennie Beattie
Peter Mery Sutherland
Andrew Liam Browne
John Elliot Barlow
Young Jesus Marcie Virdee

Tanners Guild

Milo Aggiss, Sam Almond, Caitlin Appleyard, Harry Bailey, Jess Clews, Charlotte Davies, Hamish Douglas, Georgie Elsmore, Lily Guram, Arthur Hamblett, Eve Hatz, Theo Jobbins, Tom Lomas, Evie Manning, Endelyon Mitchell, Holly Page, Tom Quash, Luca Sispal, Dylan Somanathan, Danny Tyrer, Sofia Vicente Thomas

Freeman Guild

Fran Dobson, Izzy Hardus, Hannah Hardy, Lottie Harte, Isaac Hope, Lulu Jasper, Mabel Mitchell, Jessie Peacock, Matilda Quash, Niamh Smith, Harvey Streets


Creation and Passion Directed by Mary King
Doomsday Directed by Emily Quash
Produced by Playbox Theatre
Text adapted from sources ancient and modern, mainly The Medieval Mystery plays of Towneley, Chester and York
Environment and Costume Design Commedia
Lighting and Technical Design Richard Cooper
Creative Collaboration for Project Stewart McGill

Production Team

Technical Director Richard Cooper
Scenic Art and Sculptural Construction Chris Johns
Construction and Props Dave Lomas
Costume and Props Heather Riley
Assistants to the Directors Georgie Elsmore, Sophia Vicente Thomas, Nolly Mitchell
Sound Design – News Broadcast (Doomsday) Tom Lee
Head of Children’s Welfare Stacey Newton
Production Photographer Lucy Barriball
Programme Design Freya Phillips

Front of House

Front of House Manager Karenza Cullingworth
Box Office Ed Buckley
Music Sources Drawn from contemporary and Medieval sources and live music developed in rehearsal.

Production dates

Original run: 6th-8th April 2023, at The Dream Factory