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The Company

Illustrative lines Illustrative lines

The Storyteller: Cameron Scriven

In London

Mr Darling/James Hook: Asher Hardy
Mrs Darling/The Neverbird: Eva O’Hara
Wendy: Nancy Hall
John: Alfie Jones
Michael: Alex Cottriall
Nana/Crocodile: Martha Markham
Liza: Holly Turner
Jane: Tess McGoldrick

The Lost Boys

Peter Pan: Lynton Appleton
Slightly: Joe Deverell-Smith
Tootles: Guy Gregory
Nibs: Will Dolan
Curly: Ben Lawrence
First Twin: Laura Giles
Second Twin: Juliette Duffey

On The Pirate Ship

Captain Hook: Asher Hardy
Cecco: Sam O’Donnell
Bill Jukes: Declan Harris
Cookson: Maddie Strauss
Gentleman Starkey: Cameron Kirby
Mullins: Michael Watt
Noodler: Peter Isaac
Skylights: Oliver Lloyd
Canary Robb: Sean Alcock
Alsation Fogarty: Joe Banks
Smee Alex Lisztwan

On The War Path

Great Big Little Panther: Daniel Bainbridge
Tiger Lily: Mairiella Challen
The Picaninny Tribe:
Hannah Markham, Florence Lloyd, Elliot Lang, Calum Blackie, James Griffiths, Emilia Hall, Kira Purewal, Nathanael Saleh, Caitlin O’Driscoll, Isla Nasey, Ellie Eastham, Clara Saunders, Danielle Cleeve

The Mermaids’ Lagoon

Charlotte Fitzgibbon, Thara Harrison, Sammie Horton, Kate Lee, Lucy Taylor, Harriet Riley, Freya Lang, Emily Sugden, Roisin Meguer, Lauren Heaps, Holly Turner, Freya Liddell, Evie Nairne, Caitlin O’Driscoll


Directed by: Emily Quash
Assistant Directors: Thara Harrison, Charlie Davis
Design: Commedia
Flight: High Performance Company
Lighting Designer: Craig Sheppard
Sound: Dan Markham
Stage Manager: Tim Norris
Assistant Stage Managers: Emma Giles, Isabella Sanders
Flying: Charlie Davis, Talullah Markham
Show Posters: Venture Photography

Production dates

Original run: 18th December 2014 – 4th January 2015, at The Dream Factory, Warwick