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Illustrative lines Illustrative lines Mariner 2022


We disembarked the theatre, stunned and emotionally wrung dry, our brains still searching for their sea legs.


Steve Sutherland, Stratford Herald

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The Company

Illustrative lines Illustrative lines

Narrators, Wedding guests and Characters

Alford Amberqway, Ed Buckley, Amelie Friess, Daisy Powell, Corin Alford, Miriam Clement, Emily Pepper, Phoebe Roberts, Jacob White, Calum Blackie, Paige Cooper, Ethan Philips, Danny Tyrer

The Cursed Crew

Milo Aggis, Nathan Elliot, Charlotte Gray, Matt Leigh-Hill, Luca Sispal, Dylan Somanthan, Caitlin Appleyard, Valentina Franco, Arthur Hamblett, Isabelle Madden, Joel Smith, Lexi Welch, Charlotte Davies, Annabelle Froud, Daisy Keene, Tom Quash, Niamh Smith

The Ones Left Behind

Orla Fleming, Edward Grove, Valerie Hallam, Isaac Hope, Grace Jeffrey, Theo Jobbins, Tom Lawrence, Victor Ledwith-Madsen, Isla Lipson, Eva Martin, Endelyon Mitchell, Max Norrington, Poppy Thomas, Lucia Thompson


Written By: Toby Quash
Additional Script-Work Developed By: The Blank Shift Writers Workshop
Directed & Choreographed By: Emily Quash
Lighting Design By: Richard Cooper
Scenic Art & Prop Building By: Chris Johns
Video By: Toby Quash

Assistants To The Creators

Assistants To The Director: Harley Wright, Fraser Venn, Molly Child, Hamish Douglas, Taya Ashley-Timms
Song Words Written By: Taya Ashley-Timms

Production Team

Set Construction: Chris Johns & Richard Cooper
Lighting Operator: Matt Dennes
Sound & Video Operator: Ella Heath-Kime
Programme Photographers: Liam Bessell & Lucy Barriball
Wardrobe and Props Support: Heather Riley


Front Of House Manager: Lisa Hobson
Head Of Children’s Welfare: Stacey Newton
Head Chaperones: Claire Pepper & Craig Pepper
Box Office Team: Ed Butler, Jess Chapple & Charlotte Gough

Production dates

Original Run: 17th – 19th June 2022, at The Dream Factory

Toby and Emily Quash, as the writer and director respectively, have done yet another amazing job in melding the various elements of performance together. They understand the dynamics of their material and the resources at their command and how to turn them into something magical, better than just about anyone in theatre in this, or I’ll bet, any other region. […] If I have a complaint, it is that the show was on for only a short run, June 17 to 19. So I’ll just urge the company to consider restaging it at some time. Because it really is something rather special. Nick Le Mesurier, Leamington Courier