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Playbox Theatre
The Dream Factory
Stratford Road
Warwick CV34 6LE
United Kingdom​

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Illustrative lines Illustrative lines


Allan: Jamie Whitelaw
Ann: Tess McGoldrick
George: Tristan Thomas
Alfie: Syd Sutherland
Archie: Ben Jeffery
Roger: Calum Blackie
Sam: Oscar Webster
Margaret: Paige Cooper
Margot: Kitty Duffy
Enid: Molly Perkins
Anthea: Amberqway Alford
Amy: Sophia Rowlatt
Foxy: Ed Twyman


Fin Kennedy


Emily Quash



Lighting and Sound Design:

Richard Cooper

Assistant Director:

Sammie Horton

Production Photographer:

Peter Weston

Head of Welfare:

Elaine Ball

Programme Design:

Nikki Claire Cross

Programme Text:

Stewart McGill

With thanks to Heather Riley, Stratford Playbox Members, Warwick Boats, Heaphys in Warwick.

Production dates

Original run: 15th – 24th June 2017, at The Dream Factory

All 13 actors – that cursed number – spend the entirety of desperate 90 minutes on stage, and all are so wonderfully, shockingly believable.