Blank Shift Writers’ Workshop is an unparalleled opportunity for young and talented writers to push their craft as part of a regular and dynamic new programme. Run by Playbox’s Literary Associate, Toby Quash, with guest speakers and writers from across the industry, the weekly sessions will give immediate, practical advice to those keen to drive their writing further.

Who are the directors of Blank Shift?

Blank-Shift is a specialist creative writing programme which is led by Playbox’s Associate Director and Literary Associate, Toby Quash.

What does a typical session involve?

The content and structure of the sessions vary greatly throughout the course of a year, dependent upon the specific focus of each season of work.

To find out particular information about this course, please email your questions directly to and Toby will respond to you in person.

Where do Blank Shift workshops take place?

Blank Shift is based at The Dream Factory in Warwick.

How much does it cost to be a part of this course?

Fees are £155 per season. Please check current fees with our membership department, to find out if any increase has occurred.

I would love to sign up to this course – how do I become a member?

Apply online and and we will offer you a space as soon one is available.

For any other questions, please email