USA Tour Cast 2018

Casting as of 2nd January 2018



Dani Horton

Noah Lukehurst

Eilidh Evans

Olivia Hamblett

Milli Sispal

Paige Cooper

Hayden Coward

Ed Butler

Zoe Bull

Jessica Chapple

David Hass

Jamie Whitelaw

Teagan Gough

Molly Perkins

Amy Boulton

Danni Burridge

Will Parsons

Beni Barker

Calum Blackie

Leah Moss

Sophia Rowlatt

Olivia Hass

Florence Lloyd

Lily Lister

Connor Parris

Syd Sutherland


With huge thanks to the many young people who auditioned for this tour. It has been extremely difficult to cast and we look forward to announcing the next series of auditions very shortly.

Posted on: 2nd January 2018