Please read the following carefully, to ensure a happy membership with Playbox Theatre.

  • Membership fees are payable 3 times per year on a seasonal basis. Playbox seasons operate in conjunction with Warwickshire school terms. All dates are published on our website
  • Fees are payable in advance in accordance with dates set out in your invoice. Refunds are only available during a member’s first season with Playbox Theatre and must be requested within the first 2 weeks of membership. Refund requests must be made in writing and sent to Refunds are subject to a £20 charge to cover administration and a contribution towards the sessions attended.
  • Once you are registered within a specific Playbox group and centre, it is not possible to transfer to any other session without formally putting your request in writing to Names will then be added to the relevant waiting list, and places will be offered if, and when, they become available.
  • Directors will endeavour to make members aware of all auditions, events, productions and special offers that are relevant. In the event of an absence, we will do our best to make sure any information missed is forwarded, however, we can accept no responsibility for details mislaid or forgotten once these have been distributed to the group. Please note, it is not always possible for Playbox Theatre to send out information missed due to absence. We recommend that parents and members regularly check our website and refer to social media to help keep up with opportunities.
  • Only members of the Theatre Training workshops (Apple Club, Playbox 2, Playbox 3, Playbox 4 and Playbox 5) are eligible to audition for Playbox Theatre productions. If a production explores a specific genre e.g. Musical Theatre, casting may be opened to specific specialist courses.
  • If membership fees are not paid in full by the date agreed, Playbox Theatre reserved the right to release a member’s place, or to disallow the member to attend a workshop.
  • In the unlikely event that your child wishes to leave Playbox Theatre, notice of ½ season must be given and must be made in writing to If notice is not given within the requested time frame, 50%of the following season’s fees will be payable.
  • Punctuality is important due to the nature and structure of training. Please do your best to ensure prompt arrival at workshops.
  • No food or drink apart from water may be admitted to a Playbox Theatre workshop. Chewing gum, smoking and the consumption of alcohol and the use or being under the influence of illegal substances is strictly forbidden at all Playbox Centres.
  • Trousers and soft shoes should be worn to all workshops and rehearsals for safety and practicality. Inappropriate dress may result in a member not being permitted to participate in certain exercises or being offered something alternative to wear.
  • Mobile phones must be switched to silent or left in a closed bag at the edge of the Playbox Studio. At no time must any part of a workshop be photographed or recorded by a member, unless it is through prior arrangement with the workshop director. No images or recorded material may be uploaded to the internet by members.
  • Bullying, verbal abuse or any other offensive behaviour will not be tolerated in any Playbox setting. This includes members, parents, patrons and staff.
  • Prompt collection of children at the end of workshops is crucial. We are unable to supervise your child after their workshop has finished. Although we will do our best to ensure their safety after the session, it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent, or appointed adult to arrive on time. If a problem arises, contact must be made by calling Playbox Theatre 01926 419555 ext. 2 and we will endeavour to contact the workshop director.
  • Health and safety rules at all Playbox Centres is paramount.  It is your responsibility to be aware or these rules and comply with the recommendations at all times.
  • As a member of Playbox Theatre your details will be available to ‘The Friends of Playbox Theatre’ but no other third parties.
  • Playbox Theatre will frequently share images of Playbox workshops and events, including rehearsals and show performances. These images are used for marketing and publicity purposes. If you, or a member of your family, would prefer not to appear in marketing material, please advise a member of Playbox Theatre staff or email

Payment of fees and membership of Playbox Theatre means that you and your child accept, in full, the terms and conditions laid out here by Playbox Theatre.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact membership on 01926 419555 ext. 1 or email



  • Payment for Playbox Theatre’s holiday projects is due, in full, at the time of booking. It is not possible to reserve a place without making full payment.
  • If a place is cancelled, no refund can be given, unless the course is fully booked and the place is refilled before the course begins.
  • If a place is refilled, a refund will be made minus 10% administration cost.
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring the prompt collection of children at the end of a holiday project.
  • A late collection fee of £10 will be charged for every 15 minute period that a child is left uncollected.
  • Until our major ‘road and car park’ project is completed, there is very limited parking onsite at The Dream Factory and Playbox Theatre cannot guarantee you will find a space. Our theatre is often heavily populated and it is your responsibility to leave enough time to find appropriate parking either on site, or near to, our venue. Playbox Theatre suggests there is additional parking in the old bus bay on Shelley Avenue (near old entrance to Aylesford School), and on-street parking on side roads near to The Dream Factory.