James & The Giant Peach Casting


Please note, at this point, we are casting an ‘Ensemble’ and specific roles will be allocated nearer to rehearsals beginning. This is a ‘Company Production’ whereby the success of the performance lies in the work of the Ensemble as a whole. Members of the company will play several roles.


Until a broken down rehearsal schedule is issued, all cast members must keep every date available, as per the original Casting Spotlight information.



Celine Delahaye, Daisy Powell, Elliot Barlow, Haresh Raguram, Celia Duffy, Jennie Beattie, Joe McCormack, Phoebe Roberts, Sofia Vicente Thomas, Ed Twyman, Abbey Elston, Tom Quash, Milo Aggiss, Sam Hughes-Webb,

Sienna Cockell, Lyla McLeod, Betty McFarlane, Isabelle Madden, Eirene Rose Smith, Arthur Hamblett, Dylan Somanathan, Lucy Griffiths


And Cream

Amelia Aquino, Emily McCarthy, Isabel Reddish, Kayleigh Napoleoni, Rosa Pipitone, Niamh Smith, Mabel Mitchell, Rosa Heaps, William Rhodes, Edie Madden, Emily Armer, Finley Greenwood, Sophie Almond, Hamish Douglas, Toby Smith, Sam Almond, Ned Smith, Gracie Tomlin, Isaac Barnes, Sophie Rhodes, Amelie Wilkinson


This was an incredibly difficult production to cast, with over 200 young people attending the auditions. We know that parents will help to support their child’s understanding of the complexities of casting and we hope to see you at the auditions for the upcoming production of Strikes very shortly.

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October 25, 2019

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