Show Dance is inspired by the world of musical theatre. These engaging weekly workshops will build skills across a range of dance styles including SAMBA & AFRICAN DANCE; WALTZ; FOXTROT; JIVE; SWING; JAZZ; BALLET…and so much more. Children will work on strength and conditioning, and get their feet and bodies moving and reacting to a range of music and musicals.

My child would love to join! What shall I do now?

We would love to hear from you! Please apply online.

How much does it cost to attend ‘Show Dance’?

The fee for Show Dance is £115 per season (same as a school term). If you also attend a Theatre Training session the fee will be £105.

Will my child need to wear any special clothing?

No! Members just need to be comfortable and be able to move in whatever they wear. Practical, soft shoes that are not too clumpy. If someone has basic jazz shoes, they can certainly wear those.

Will children have the chance to present work as a part of the workshops?

Although we don’t work towards a specific presentation, members will regularly have the opportunity to create a ‘sharing’, which will be shown to parents and friends towards the end of each season.

My child’s never danced before…will they be able to cope with the work?

These workshops are designed for the members to explore and experience lots of different dance movements. Care and attention is given to all members in the workshop to enable them to develop their skills as individuals. Those with no prior experience will certainly thrive and quickly discover the potential they have as physical performers.

My child already attends dance lessons – will they still benefit from being a part of these workshops?

Yes absolutely! The workshops will enhance any other dancing your child currently attends, as they learn movement, balance, control and posture which helps in all areas of dance activities and sports too. Each child is seen as an individual and attention is given to make sure that everyone develops at their own pace.

Do the children work towards exams or qualifications?

No, these are not formal dance lessons with a structured exam syllabus.

How is ‘Show Dance’ different to other dance classes?

‘Show Dance’ is designed with character and creating new work in mind, and with the children being the primary focus of the workshop. Although there will be focus on technique and creating routines, the main objective, which differs from other dance lessons, is that the workshops explore movement with music in a way that helps facilitate the young people’s creative imaginations…helping them build on their overall experience as a member of Playbox.

Who are the directors of Show Dance?

The Director of Show Dance is Natasha Stringer, who works with special guests and other practitioners to enhance the members’ experiences and giving diversity to the workshops.

What dance styles will the group be exploring?

These will differ with each guest director, however the main focus explore a foundation of Ballroom and Latin. The first season (Autumn 2019) for example, will see members explore, Samba, African Dance, Waltz and Foxtrot. It’s going to be busy!

What might a typical workshop be like?

There will be an energetic warm-up with some stretching, a light hearted game followed by specific direction on the focus for that week’s workshop. There will be free exploration of the methods shared and then a cool down and final stretching.

All parts of the workshop structure will have a focus towards that week’s theme running through it.

Does my child need to bring anything with them to their workshop?

Please ensure that your child has a water bottle with them as the workshops can be very energetic!

Can my child audition for Playbox productions, if they attend ‘Show Dance’?

Only children who are registered members of the Apple Club or Theatre Training workshops can audition for productions. Many children attend multiple courses with Playbox and there are discounts available. Do enquire if you’d like to know more.

You are now ready to join Show Dance…it’s going to be such a glorious hour and we can’t wait to meet you!

For any other questions, please email