musical theatre JR FAQS


One of our most exciting new course additions is ‘Musical Theatre Junior’, giving younger members the chance to relish the delights of their favourite musicals, without the rigour and pressure of being able to read text and music. This course is a wonderful and lively introduction to this ever-popular style of performance.

I don’t have any previous experience of singing and dancing – will these workshops be right for me?

Absolutely! No previous experience is required to join this workshop. Musical Theatre Junior explores a range of enjoyable musical numbers along with basic choreography. It provides the perfect foundation for our senior Musical Theatre programme. The primary focus of this workshop is to absolutely love being engaged through music, song and dance, without rigorous pressure. Everyone is encouraged to work to their own potential and to enjoy every moment!

I’ve already done lots of singing and dancing…will I still be able to develop through Musical Theatre Junior?

Yes you will, our workshop directors have extensive experience in Musical Theatre, and will share as much knowledge as they possibly can with you, so you continually develop your skills. Our directors will ensure every member is challenged and well-looked after so you can make the most of every session you attend with us, and can extend your skills through the workshops.

Will we also be doing ‘acting’ in the Musical Theatre workshops?

‘Acting’ is a crucial part of being a successful musical theatre performer, and characterisation will be part of your training. However, it’s important to remember that this workshop is devoted to singing and dancing, and will not separately address acting. We encourage members to take part in both Theatre Training as well as Musical Theatre, whenever this is possible.

Who will be leading Musical Theatre Junior?

Eilidh Evans and Laura Smith will be your directors. Every member of the Musical Theatre department is a professional practitioner and they have vast experience as both performers and directors of theatre and musical theatre. If you’d like to know more about their training and their experience, have a look at their biographies on the Team page of the website.

Will I automatically have a place in the older Musical Theatre workshops, when I turn 8 years old?

Yes! Once you are in the Musical Theatre department, you will automatically have a place in the appropriate workshop for your age, as long as you maintain your membership without a break. When you are old enough, you will automatically be offered a place in the 8-11 yr old Musical Theatre workshop.

Can I audition for Playbox Theatre’s productions if I only attend Musical Theatre Junior?

No – in order to audition for Playbox Theatre’s major productions, you need to be a member of the Theatre Training Programme. We offer a discount to children attending both Musical Theatre and Theatre Training, so do ask us if you’d like further information about this. Our Membership Director will be able to talk to you about availability and where the Theatre Training workshops take place. Drop us an email to find out more.

Is it a good idea to take part in a Theatre Training workshop too? Would I be eligible for a discount if I attend multiple workshops?

It would be a great idea! Theatre Training and Musical Theatre workshops are perfect partners! Both aim to enhance your confidence, self-esteem and your ability across a range of performing arts. You also increase your opportunities within Playbox if you attend a Theatre Training workshop too, including auditioning for productions. You would be eligible for membership discounts if you attend our Theatre Training programmes and additional specialist courses, such as Musical Theatre Jr. To find out more about our membership discounts please contact our information team

What should I wear to Musical Theatre?

It is really important that you wear comfortable clothing to your Musical Theatre sessions. We will be learning basic choreography and the workshops will be incredibly physical! There is no uniform, but we do have our own Playbox merchandise which is suitable to wear to all our workshops, available from our Shop.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

We would suggest bringing a water bottle with you, to keep yourself hydrated throughout the session.

Will I need to do homework between my Musical Theatre workshops?

No you won’t, this workshop is all about having fun and working really hard for the hour that you are with us! However, if you would like to practise your vocal warm ups, songs at home, then that would be superb and it will definitely help you to develop quickly.

Will we be working on something new every week?

These workshops are designed to be ‘one-offs’…so the emphasis is on engagement with new material each week. Sometimes we will focus on the same musical for a few weeks at a time, but the numbers we are exploring will change from week to week.

Will I need to be able to read lyrics or music?

No. Due to the age range of this group, our workshop directors will approach learning song lyrics in a different way. This will mainly be through listening to the numbers and singing along together!

Will we have the opportunity to share the songs we’ve been learning with our families?

The main emphasis in this workshop is to be fully engaged and happy for the hour that you are with us each week, without the pressure of rehearsal or working towards presentations. Performing work to audiences comes when you move up to the next workshop. From time to time we will invite parents in to come and share your workshop with you – this will be as a participant, rather than presenting work to them.

What sort of material will we be working on? Will it be a different musical each week?

The material will be different each week, but may focus on a specific musical for a few weeks at a time, if there is a lot of appropriate content to explore! Each musical will be selected with the age range of the group in mind, and we will aim to select pieces that are popular, rather than the more obscure/rare work that the senior Musical Theatre groups might tackle. There will be everything from timeless children’s classics to modern Disney favourites! Think Little Mermaid, Annie, Oliver!, Wizard Of Oz, Matilda…and much more!

How many people will be in the workshop?

We take a maximum of 20 children in this workshop, working with 2 directors and a senior assistant.

How do I apply to join?

We would love to hear from you! Please apply online.

How much does it cost?

The fee for Musical Theatre Jr is £115 per season (same as a school term). If you also attend a Theatre Training session the fee will be £105.

You are now ready to join Musical Theatre Junior…it’s going to be such a glorious hour and we can’t wait to meet you!

For any other questions, please email