A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Cast List

Casting as of 20th December 2017


The Court Of Theseus (Today)

Theseus Connor Parris

Hippolyta Kitty Brunt

Egeus Hayden Coward

Hermia Paige Cooper

Helena Dani Burridge

Lysander Sam Bain

Demetrius Noah Lukehurst


The Rude Mechanicals – a local theatre company

Bottom Syd Sutherland

Petra Quince Sophia Rowlatt

Flute Adam Turner

Starveling Teagan Gough

Snout Milli Sispal

Snug Evan Harris


The Royal Court Of The Faeries (1500s)

Oberon, King Of Shadows Alfie Jones

Titania Eilidh Evans

Puck Olivia Hass

1st Faerie Caitlin Jenkins

Peaseblossom Sasha Pugh

Cobweb Oscar Webster

Moth Isabel trinkle

Mustardseed Kitty Duffy

Changeling Harry Davies/Hugh Markham (alternating)


The Rude Elementals (1500s)

Fairies, Sprites, Lost Souls in the forest:

Rhiannon Kimber-McTiffin

Constanze Straub

Imogen Philip

Teghan Elliot

Corin Alford

Amelie Ashley-Timms

Mimi Parr

Ottilie Lampitt


The Royal Wedding (Today)

Tara Wynne Edwards

Scarlett Watkin

Leila Osbourne-Millar

Thapelo Ray

Dylan Marshall

Hannah Markham

Emily Button

A.J. Birt


Thank you so much to the many talented Playbox Theatre members who attended the audition for this production. It has been very difficult to cast.

All cast will be contacted shortly with a broken down rehearsal schedule.

Stewart McGill

Posted on: 20th December 2017