Film & Digital Media Studio FAQs

We are very proud of our magnificent Film Department, which offers young people a superb opportunity to train on a weekly basis with industry specialists. We have wonderful facilities and, this year, are building a brand new, bespoke, film studio. It is the perfect time to become a member of the department, with opportunities growing all of the time!

Do I need any experience to join Film Department? No previous experience is required. We have a thorough Foundation Programme that introduces all members to the skills and techniques required to develop as a film-maker. You will then progress to the Advanced Programme, when you’re ready.

Will I get to work in front of the camera as well as behind it? If you want to test your acting chops on screen, then we’d recommend you sign up to join the Screen Acting workshops!

Can you tell me what happens in a typical workshop? Each week, we will explore a range of filming techniques, and will then apply them to short projects led by you. Mini-films will be built all the way from conception to production.

Does Film Department work towards an end project, or is this more of an ongoing training course? A bit of both! The main focus is on your ongoing training, constantly developing and challenging your ability as a film-maker. Each season, we focus on a different project, with one much larger, extended project each year.

Will I be expected to make a commitment beyond the scheduled, weekly workshop? Usually, the commitment is restricted to the weekly workshop. Occasionally there are extended sessions and extra dates required to complete longer projects, but dates are always communicated as far in advance as possible.

Will I need to do any homework? There is no homework set for this course, although many members like to extend their learning and experience through research and practical experience…but this is not a requirement.

How many people will be on my course? We take a maximum of 15 members in the workshop, which gives everyone plenty of opportunity to work in detail with the team.

Who are the directors of Film Department? The Film Department is headed up by Will Dolan and Asher Hardy, the co-directors of Firewood Pictures, a local Film production company. We are particularly proud, as both Asher and Will are alumni of Playbox Theatre’s Film Department, having trained with the company for many years. They have been working full time in the film industry ever since!

What should I wear to the sessions? Comfortable, practical clothing is always best for this type of work.

Do I need to attend every week? Absolutely! Projects are often worked on over a number of consecutive weeks and, as a film crew, you will all be dependent upon one another being there without fail. This is not a ‘drop-in’ workshop and we do expect a high level of commitment, professionalism and punctuality.

What sort of projects will I be working on? You will explore developing short narrative films across a range of genres and styles.

What equipment do we use in the Film Department? We currently use DSLRs, kino flos, dedos and Sennheiser sound gear. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this is – you will be guided through everything and how to use it!

Will being a member of the Film Department help me with a route into the film industry? Absolutely! Many of our members move on to careers in the film industry and the course directors have plenty of connections and will always be happy to make introductions for young people who are interested in pursuing film as a vocation.

Will I be asked to do any acting as a member of Film Department? The focus of the workshops are on actual film-making, rather than performing in front of the camera, so any acting will be minimal and will be whilst workshopping film-making techniques. If you are interested in working in front of the camera, have a look at the SCREEN ACTING workshops that we run every Monday! When we’re staging projects that need actors, we’ll collaborate with the Screen Acting courses, and other acting sessions.

Can I audition for Playbox productions if I am only attending the Film Department? Only members of the Theatre Training programme are eligible to audition for productions. Many members of the Film Department also attend Theatre Training, and enjoy appearing on stage as often as possible!

Where will the Film workshops take place? The Film Department is based at The Dream Factory in Warwick.

How much does it cost to be a part of this course? Fees as of spring 2018 are £150 per season. Please check current fees with our membership department, to find out if any increase has occurred.

I would love to sign up to this course – how do I become a member? Please email your name, date of birth, address and telephone number to and we will offer you a space as soon one is available.