8 – 11 Year Olds

  • Musical Theatre

    Our Musical Theatre course is dynamic, intensive and challenging as it prepares young people for the excitement, skills and demands of the musical theatre repertoire. Each season incorporates techniques, styles, choreography, group and solo singing building to stagings of works ranging from Broadway classics to innovative new styles of musical.

    Each weekly session is 2 hours.

  • Circus

    Playbox Theatre has been one of the main forces for promoting circus amongst children and young people since our earliest days. With the specific dual aims of developing healthy lifestyle and exploring physical artistry our programme trains the young and creates performance.

    Amongst the specific disciplines developed:

    Manipulation: juggling; clubs; scarves; balls; hoops

    Aerial Arts: corde lise (rope); single trapeze; double trapeze; tissue (silks); aerial hoop

    Acrobatics: tumbling; aerobalance

    Low Wire, Clowning, Cycling

    In 2014 we created a large-scale circus production, Wonderia (2014), commissioned for the G8 Conference at the Houses of Parliament and a medical conference hosted by the University of Birmingham.

  • Voice

    Within Playbox Theatre’s Voice Studio young people explore the potential of the voice for actors, speakers, confidence building and for the pleasure of language. A wide approach is taken including vocal exercises, voice training, LAMDA examinations and giving talks alongside performance opportunities.

    The Voice Studio limits numbers to ensure a highly individual and personal approach tailored for each member.


  • Theatre Training

    Our Theatre Training for 8-11 year olds covers a wide range of artistic and creative skills designed to build self-esteem, confidence and nurture talent. The approach is lively and group-based including mime, movement, role-play, improvisation, acting, voice, physical theatre and self-expression.

  • Fight Lab (8-11 years)

    Offering the training required to bring thrilling fight sequences to the stage and screen. We explore both armed and unarmed combat throughout the ages in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Acting for Screen (8-11 years)

    Acting For Screen is a diverse and thorough training programme focussing on crafting performances for the big screen. Through practical exploration and consistent exposure to the lens, young people get the opportunity to deconstruct what makes a great performance and develop their own unique working method.