Fight Lab Autumn 2020 


This season sees a change for the Fight Lab members, with an exciting new training format. 


Making use of our new armoury, the focus this Autumn will be on heavy weapons from the medieval period, culminating in an exciting performance and a Playbox first...


Fight Night. 


For those interested in taking their stage combat skills to the next level, this is not to be missed! “

Richard & Somerset fight.JPG




FIGHT 1 – 8-12 YRS

FIGHT 2 – 13-19 YRS


The dates for this autumn are as follows:


Sunday 10th Jan 10am-2pm

Sunday 24th Jan 10am-2pm

Sunday 7th Feb 10am-2pm

Sunday 7th March 10am-2pm

Saturday 20th March 2-6pm for all, followed by Fight Night at 7pm


The times will be 10-12pm for Fight 1 and 12-2pm for Fight 2.


Your performance will take place on Saturday 20th March at 7pm (you will also train with Liam that afternoon, as well as dress rehearsing, during your usual Fight Lab time).


This is a specialist course and the fee is £120 for the programme, with a £10 discount applied if you also attend another Playbox Theatre workshop.

Fight Lab autumn 2020.jpg