The Snow Queen

Emily Quash

A new adaptation by Toby Quash

“Once upon a time there was a mirror…A mirror that was filled with a great evil, a mirror not to be trusted. It was a mirror to send the whole world mad!”                            

As Gerda journeys across a frozen landscape, she will need to discover her true courage if she is to rescue her best friend, imprisoned and with his heart turned to ice by the entrancing and terrifying Snow Queen.

This fresh interpretation of Hans Andersen’s beautiful and haunting tale of bravery, friendship and self-discovery is set to treat audiences to a real spectacle this winter.

Team Icicle will perform on the following dates:
Thursday 20th December @ 7pm
Saturday 22nd December @ 7pm
Sunday 23rd December @ 3pm
Friday 28th December @ 7pm
Saturday 29th December @ 3pm
Monday 31st December @ 3pm

Team Snow Flake will perform on the following dates:
Friday 21st December @ 7pm
Saturday 22nd December @ 3pm
Monday 24th December @ 11am
Friday 28th December @ 3pm
Saturday 29th December @ 7pm
Sunday 30th December @ 3pm

Show Times

  • Thursday 20th December 2018, 7.00pm
  • Friday 21st December 2018, 7.00pm
  • Saturday 22nd December 2018, 3.00pm
  • Saturday 22nd December 2018, 7.00pm
  • Sunday 23rd December 2018, 3.00pm
  • Monday 24th December 2018, 11.00am
  • Friday 28th December 2018, 3.00pm
  • Friday 28th December 2018, 7.00pm
  • Saturday 29th December 2018, 3.00pm
  • Saturday 29th December 2018, 7.00pm
  • Sunday 30th December 2018, 3.00pm
  • Monday 31st December 2018, 3.00pm


  • Standard: £17
  • Concession: £9
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