Visualisation Techniques for Positivity

Course Price

£10/£8 Members

Course length

1 Hour

Visualisation Techniques for Positivity


Jules Aspinall

As a Level 5 clinical reflexologist, registered with AOR, PR and CNHC, I work with all ages – from newborns to big kids in their eighties. Though I help with all manner of health issues, anxiety, depression and stress are the most common reason people seek my help. The arrival of my youngest anxiety client led to me training in Relaxation Therapy and guided visualisation.

Passionate about helping others to help themselves and the benefits of both reflexology and guided visualisation, the events of the past year motivated me to help on a larger scale.

A former Playbox member and mum of three, I’m looking forward to helping bring inner peace, and with it some inner sunshine, to 2021.

About the course

Visualisation technique Uses the mind and your imagination, to see the potential for new events and new behaviours in your life. Using positive thinking you will begin to see situations differently, through creating a multi-sensory experience in your mind. These creative, helpful and resourceful behaviours will become positive habits.
Using the power of Creative Visualisation opens up opportunities to generate positive outcomes that can have a real effect upon your life.