Casting for The Wizard of Oz

Casting as of 28/06/17

Dorothy Gale Natasha Chapple
Aunt Em/Glinda Freya Liddell
Uncle Henry/Guard Saul Greenburgh
Lion/Zeke Will Dolan
Tin Woodsman/Hickory Jo Lydick
Scarecrow/Hunk Charlie Davis
Professor/Wizard of Oz Noah Lukehurst
Mayor Syd Sutherland
Barrister Greg Madden
Coroner Calum Blackie

Yellow Team
Ethan Phillips, Harry James-Bull, Wilf Jervis-Hill, Daniel Vincente Thomas, Jorja Parris, Amelie Robertson, Juliana Stuber, Jennifer Beattie, Scarlett Watkin, Sienna Cockell, Sofia Vincente Thomas, Elysia Sully, Daisy Powell, Abi Luntley, Freya Travis, Mery Sutherland, Ella Mawson, Anna Flynn

Green Team
Tom Lomas, Oscar Heggs, Gabriel Gaiser, Harry Bailey, Reuben Moss, Hamish Douglas, Alexandra Newman, Lauren Heaps, Emelia Hall, Millie Taylor, Ruby Jackson, Rose Agnew, Abbey Elston, Eleanor Surrey, Ottilie Lampitt, Valentina Franco, Charlotte Surrey, Jasmine Ashfield

Miss Gultch/West Witch Eilidh Evans

Conner Parris, David Hass, Benedict Barker

Teagan Gough, Ellie Duffey, Kitty Brunt

Winkie General Guy Devine

Ozians/Winkies/Snowmen etc
Syd Sutherland, William Parsons, Connor Parris, Benedict Barker, Calum Blackie, Sol Shuckburgh, David Hass, Greg Madden

Poppies/Osians/Jitterbugs etc
Sophia Rowlatt, Kitty Brunt, Teagan Gough Olivia Hass, Ellie Duffey, Lily McElfatrick, Erin Davis Hannah Paterson, Amy Alcock, Jesamine Dempsey, Leah Moss, Sophie Anderson, Amelia Travis, Georgia Blackie, Molly Perkins, Anya Schuermann, Emily Pepper, Sophie Alder

Thank you so much to all of you who auditioned, this has been one of the most difficult shows ever to cast. There is such a lot of talent in Playbox and I have this an almost impossible task.

If you haven’t been cast this time please audition again either for Grimm’s Tales or for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There will be an email going out at the beginning of next week giving dates for these and we look forward to seeing you again.

If you have been cast in either the Green or Yellow Munchkin teams you will be sharing performances. Please check the performance schedule below to find out which performances you are doing.

21st December 5pm
23rd December 7pm
24th December 11am
28th December 7pm
29th December 3pm
30th December 3pm

20th December 5pm
22nd December 5pm
23rd December 3pm
28th December 3pm
29th December 7pm
31st December 3pm

Posted on: 8th July 2017