Playbox Theatre’s contributions to culture and education are not just important, but vital to the health and well-being of their local, and global, communities. Over the course of our 27-year relationship, we at Santa Monica Playhouse have been awed by their constant vigilance, their immense creativity, and their success in addressing issues universal to students on both sides of the ocean, and offering solutions that not only help young audiences develop their imagination and creativity, but offer enhanced life and study skills as well.

Feedback from teachers and students involved has been nothing short of glowing, with special praise for the themes Playbox tackles as they resonate with student concerns, as well as tremendous awe and kudos that the productions are performed by young actors themselves with whom youth audiences can identify.

Evelyn Rudie, Co-Artistic Director, Santa Monica Playhouse


This made the show all the more accessible and enjoyable for the students – they get to see mirrors of themselves and their own behaviors on the stage, and through pre-show discussions and post-show interactions with the actors, get a chance to identify and articulate the benefits of helping others and why that, in turn, helps make a better world, and that it is never too late to offer a helping hand, personally or globally.

Will Rogers Learning Community


Thank you, thank you! That was awesome!

Roosevelt Elementary School


After seeing your work, our students were inspired to actively participate in environmental programs in their schools. That is the true power of theatre.

McKinley School


Playbox Theatre’s work is nothing short of brilliant, and we hope that many more young people will be able to experience and be motivated by their beautiful, timely, and important work.

Chris DeCarlo, Co-Artistic Director, Santa Monica Playhouse