Over the years, our amazing young people have created some incredible productions, here are a few video tasters of their work or visit our photo archive where you can purchase digital images.


Read on for further details regarding Playbox and Diversity.

Playbox Theatre is a community of young people embracing the ages 3 – 21. The young know no bounds and taking our lead from them the company aims to be inclusive in all aspects of its operations, reflective of our world, our cultures and our individualities.

‘Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community.’

Within our community of young people through our participation in artistic ventures, audiences experiences, diverse programmes for everyone and the ongoing desire to engage with and foster relationships with those from all backgrounds we place our core emphasis on the distinctive, all embracing voices of the young. We reflect cultural practices from our communities and the wider world, we reach and seek increasing engagement with the many individuals and groups that make up our community and, above all, with, from and for our  young people we seek to learn how to realise our vision of being a fully welcoming, safe, embracing and honest reflection of our world.

Playbox Theatre is proud to have developed a fully inclusive policy over thirty years of evolution. As with all our work nit is in progress, not finite and we seek to learn and implement based on our awareness of other models and implementation.

Create Diversity – a range of inclusive artistic approaches and the rejection of a single dominant aesthetic.

Workforce  Diversity – the recruitment of staff across the organisation representative of gender, race, religion, sexuality and education. We reject a governing overall uniformity.

Market Diversity – our hope is to reach all sectors of our communities as we reject exclusion of any groups, communities and individuals.